EJ Spy School

Susannah McFarlane

Meet the Author!

Susannah McFarlane was born in Melbourne, Australia. She has lived in London but now lives back in Melbourne with her family including two dogs which keep her company while she writes. Her favourite book when she was 8 was The Magic Faraway Tree - it is still one of her favourites! Susannah has written over 50 books including the EJ12 Girl Hero and Little Mates series.

You can find out more about Susannah at www.susannahmcfarlane.com

Dyani Stagg

Meet the Illustrator!

Dyani Stagg grew up in country Victoria on a small farm where she spent a lot of time playing with animals and drawing with her Mum. She loves drawing almost as much as she loves animals and she feels very fortunate to be able to do it as part of her job. Dyani now lives in Melbourne with her two cats, Blizzard and Hendricks, but she still likes to go back to the farm to see her family (and draw with her Mum!).